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In the Begining:

Welcome to “MARELLE’S UNDERWATER WORLD MUSEUM“. You are part of a Love Story and a lifelong passion with the ocean. The owners of the museum are Mark and Elgie Reekie. Mark has had a fascination for the ocean since he was five years old when his parents owned a beach cabin on the Oregon Coast in the USA.

After collecting shells in many parts of the world, Mark was asked and honored to write an article for the beautiful magazine “OF SEA and SHORE“. It was produced by friend and editor Tom Rice who resides in Phuket, Thailand. At that same time Mark put the magazine article on his website.

A year later in 2005, a young man from the Philippines, found his article online. Mark and he formed a friendship and 7 months later Mark and Egbert Pagobo from Mactan Island escorted a group of shell collectors to the Philippines.

The first island they went to was the beautiful island of Siquijor. Upon arriving at the resort, Mark and his group were greeted by a friendly receptionist by the name of Elgie. It was late at night but she had the restaurant held open for us. After dinner, Elgie and Mark talked for a couple of hours. The next morning she had all the arrangements lined out for the days travels.

After a beautiful 21 day trip and five different islands, Mark arrived safely back in the USA with many friendships, memories and photos last a lifetime. Mark sent “thank you” packages to each of the resorts for the employees to share. The first to reply to him was ELGIE from Siquijor! She was special and they kept in touch from time to time.

In 2006, Mark organized another trip to the Philippines with shell collectors. He asked Elgie if she would like to come along on the trip for one week. Her never ending smile and laugh was a fun experience for all. During that trip, more than a friendship was kindled and on Mark’s birthday in April of 2007, came to the USA as Mark’s Fiancée. They were married shortly after in a gorgeous tropical wedding in Mark’s back yard.

Returning to the Philippines year after year running their shell trips together, Mark mentioned he had always wanted to have a sea shell museum. In 2010 the property on which the museum now stands came up for sale. The timing was not right but every year Mark would draw plans and dream of having his museum. When he would come back to Siquijor, he would come stand on this property as it was still for sale. Then it happened, in July 2014 they purchased the property and 40 days later Elgie left for the Philippines to build Mark’s dream, MARELLE’S UNDERWATER WORLD MUSEUM.

A special Thank You to Egbert Pagobo and his family for ever finding me and to Holden Penaloza for helping me put subsequent trips together. A special Thank You also to Mark’s Mom, Joan Reekie for always standing behind us encouraging us with “you can do it”.

Last but not least, to my tower of strength, my Elgie, you did it,she was the General Contractor to build this entire museum. I knew she could do it! I am so proud of you!

And now the world knows our LOVE STORY!

Please relax and enjoy your stay with us! Embrace the beauty of Siquijor and her Underwater World. Take home everlasting memories, friendships and all the pictures you want.

Please come again, safe journeys to all,

Mabuhay from Mark and Elgie and the family of MARELLE’S UNDERWATER WORLD MUSEUM.


Our beautiful Marelle’s Museum displays our stunning collection of exotic sea shells that are found in the clear tropical waters of the Philippines. There is no place on the planet that has the diversity of shells that the Philippines has. Enjoy the vast diversity of nature from both salt and fresh waters. Sit and relax and watch our flat screen TV, engulf yourself in our video of the Philippines Underwater World. We also have a worldwide beautiful postage stamp collection of both fish and marine life from all over the world. We also have many educational displays for you to enjoy.

Our Staff:

Meet the smiling faces of our manager Rodiza,Taling, Merlyn, Kimberly and Sherdawn. Feel free to ask all the questions you want about our Island and underwater world.


Relax on our outside veranda and enjoy a beverage along with many choices of snacks and light meals.

Gift Shop:

Choose a gift to take home from our beautiful tropical Island for your family and friends. T-shirts, Hats, Sarongs, Coffee Cups, Post Cards, Wind Chimes, Native Crafts, Shells, Capiz shell items , flowers and more.

Island Tours:

Let us take you to our favorite spots or you tell us where you would like to go. Enjoy Waterfalls, Beaches, Churches, Caves, Snorkeling, Picnics and more. Let the tropical breezes flow thru your hair as we journey 75kms around the island on the coastal road or go to the top of Mt.Bandi-alan, the highest point on the island. Enjoy sweeping views of the lush jungle below gazing out upon the islands of Mindanao, Camiguin, Negros, Cebu and Bohol. Enjoy our traditional Philippine vans with our knowledgeable drivers. Don’t forget to bring your camera! Island tours will commence in November ,2016

Snorkeling Tours:

Enjoy the clear waters right in front of our museum and see our underwater world for yourself. Our experienced guides will point out many fish and species of marine Life. Island snorkeling tours can be arranged. Bring your underwater camera so you don’t miss the calming beauty of Siquijor. Snorkeling Tours will commence in November , 2016.

Traditional Massage:

Enjoy the magic soothing touch of a Filipino Traditional Massage.

Our Gardens:

Enjoy our many species of flowers, plants and trees around our surrounding grounds. Many indigenous birds and butterflies occupy our flowers.

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